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over 5 years ago

Prizes, voting and submission guidelines

Morning Hackers,

Hope you are as excited as we are for the Pitches starting at 2 pm GMT. We would like to request that you send in your presentation slides to either, drop it in the Slack channel or attach to you Devpost submission(preferably) before 2 pm so that we can get this ready for the judges pitching as we would be using a single laptop. Please let us know of any devices such as phones, beacons etcetera that you will be using apart to the slides so that we can do a tech check and ensure that your devices are compatible with the setup.

Also, you will be given an opportunity to vote for your favourite project across all teams in the People’s Choice category. Voting begins at 4:00 pm and ends at 4:30 pm GMT after demos and pitches. To vote for your favourite project, please follow steps and read the rules below;

  • Navigate to the submission page of the project. There will either be a “Vote for this project!” or “+1” button.
  • Each user may vote on a submission once. This is the only voting strategy you should vote for the People's choice category.

And the prizes are as follows:


1st prize

For each team member;


2nd prize

For each team member;


People’s choice

For each team member;

  • £30 worth Amazon vouchers
  • Bragging Certificates